Nina + Fakhri’s Wedding Day!

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17,18,19 February,2012.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

3 days,the biggest days of their life.

I was lucky enough to photograph those lovely moments of joy and happiness.

A month before the wedding, we met at a restaurant, just near the bride’s house to discuss about my photography package.

It was kinda late but, fortunately I was free for the weekend.

On Saturday, the wedding ceremony was held in Taman Cenderawasih, where personally I was raised and spent my childhood days for 12 years before moving out to a new house located just across the river.

Everything was smooth and went very well.

As usual, hundreds of guest and relatives were there, celebrating their big day together.

I could see they prepared the food just in front of the house.

On the evening that day, we all went to Pantai Pelindung for outdoor shooting session.

I chose the location as the beach was known to be quite isolated from the popular beaches around Kuantan such as Telok Cempedak or Pantai Sepat.

We went there with their friends, and had a couple of great shots!

Unfortunately I was not prepared to try some of the Nikon CLS technique or some called ‘strobe’ as it produces a beautiful and dramatic picture using the flash.

However , I had so much fun! 🙂

here are the pictures!

p/s Nina looks like Farah AF , right? 😛


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