Engagement : Ayu + Zul

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there was a girl and a boy.

having lunch somewhere in KL with their friends.

yet, they didn’t know each other.

but before they left, that boy asked the girl something.

probably, it went like this.

“Boleh mintak no BB pin tak?” or “May I have your BB pin?”

If you are a BlackBerry user, you’ll know.

So, time went by, days changed, month after month, they felt something.

Something not so familiar.



Yes! Love!

Long story short, on the 25th of Feb 2012, they’re engaged.

And I was there, with my beloved Nikon cameras, capturing every moments of laughter and joy.

I took 3 hours from Kuantan to her house in Putra Heights.

By the way, that lucky girl is Ayu, and she chose, Zul šŸ™‚

The day went smoothly and praise be to Him, I got hundreds of great shots!

Ok let’s talk about them a little bit.

I met Ayu once in Kuantan when she attended my cousin’s engagement.

But we didn’t exchange words at all.

So, for the 4 hours session, I could see her as a very friendly person.

She had stars in her eyes! Very happy indeed, full of smile and laugh.

And Zul, there’s only 1 thing I want to say about him.

I never saw a guy look into a girl’s eyes as he did.

šŸ˜› Very sharp and calm, as he was looking for something so special.

Ok so here are the pictures!!


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