Meet Soufeina aka Tuffix!

2 years ago, I posted a photo in

Then, someone left a comment.

‘Malaysia? Looks green’

And I saw the ‘green hijab girl’ avatar named Tuffix.

I asked her,

“Are you Malaysian?”


The answer was no.

She lives in Berlin.

She wrote,

‘Tuffix is the result of all the school years, in which my real name was transformed by friends: “Soufeina”


You must be wondering why I am writing about this actually,right?

Well,that girl is a very-very talented artist!

I saw her sketch being used on poster of a program that was held in KL this year.

I thought “Wow,she must be famous now!”

Look at these stuff.

Cute right?



This is a printscreen of her page in You should take a look.

She even made a tutorial!

Being a Muslimah in a country that is not ruled by Islamic goverment always interest me to actually know, how they are dealing with all the bans and the perceptions of others.

Well, let’s pray for her best in her life and appreciate/support her arts by sharing this to your friends.

Lastly, I want to show you my all-time favorite. Here it is.

So cute!


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