Zeera + Zaliey | Wedding

It was 4pm and I wrapped up the session.

Time to eat.

Sitting there was me, Zul (my assistant for the day) and the groom, Zaliey.

I began to ask,

” How did you met her?”

He smiled and said,

“Well, my older brother worked here before, and then, her family became his adopted family. Since that, I met her for couple of times and she did come several times to my house too in Kemaman. She was still in school at that time”

Oh yes! I just love to hear every love story from every wedding that I attended.

What more can I say,Zaliey and Zeera are just a perfect couple

Zeera has the serious look in her face while Zaliey is more relax and funny. But wait til you see Zeera smiles, she will melt your heart!

1 weird thing was, I never met them before the ceremony!

I was in Kuantan when she made the booking and she was in Perak.

It took me 1 hour to drive, thanks to the LPT. Took the Chenor exit, 5 mins from there, and I arrived.

Shooting this wedding was a new experience for me. Why? Because, here, things were a bit different.

This is Jengka and it is a rural area.

Everything seemed to move slowly , but actually, it was not.

I was in hurry taking pictures after being told that the groom and his family were already there and the Imam also had arrived.

Alhamdulillah,  Zul and I managed to get great shots after all.

Moreover, while we were outside for the outdoor session, the rain poured down.

I decided to shoot from inside of my car (yes, I did not want to risk my gear)  and asked Zul to help the bride and the groom to pose.

They were easy to work with and I had a lot of fun!

So here are the photos! Enjoy!

more photos here

Can’t wait for their first baby!



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