Samaira ’12

On Saturday, I was in Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay KL for Samaira 2012.

I got the ticket for free! Thanks to my friend for her kindness 🙂

This was my second time shooting an event like this. So, I was so excited!~

The theme was Batik. (yes please Google if you have no idea what it is 🙂 ). Plus. Islamic 🙂

The Islamic theme is still a big question mark for me as a lot of criterias need to be followed. It is not man made guidelines, so it has to be precised and fully understood.

Nevertheless, being a Muslim does not restrict anyone of us to be fashionable and to look good.

I liked all the colors and styles.

Even though my major is not related to any of them (yes I am an engineering student 😛 ) , art is so close to my heart. Any kind of art, literature, anything.

At night, I wandered around the place and found many interesting hand-made crafts. Then, I was stood still for more than 5 minutes after I saw an old man, effortlessly writing Khat.

I don’t know how to explain the Khat, but it was originated from Arabic font. It was so beautiful!

That old man was Munir (oh, Dr. Munir 🙂 ). Yes, he’s an expert in art. No wonder.

I also made new friends that night.

Talking to strangers about something new is really refreshing for me.

I have a project , the ‘100 strangers’ to be done near soon so, I need that kind of confidence.

Overall, it was a great day 🙂

Yes, this is Dr. Munir with his masterpiece.

and this is my friend, Miza. 🙂

and the most famous figure at the event, Hana Tajima. 🙂 Google her please.

That’s all for now. 🙂


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